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The cast talks about Captain Black…


Our Writer, Director and Leading Man

“I wear more than one hat on this picture. I wrote it about a year before we started shooting it and I wanted to direct it.”

Georgia plays “Kitt Vixen” and “Maria”

“Playing Kitt Vixen was a dream come true.”

Spanky tells us how “Captain Black” the comic was created

“We met over drinks to discuss the character, then I started sketching.”


I think it has a broad audience. I think the comic book culture is so pervasive, especially in the last 5 – 10 years. The idea of a kind of fantasy life—I think a lot of people have a complicated relationship with how the world is going and their place in the world and I think the comic book realm, the fantasy realm, the social media realm, the Facebook realm, allows you to be the person you want to be.


Kris, my character, Kris. I kind of see her as the anchor. She kind of keeps everyone grounded. She’s the—I don’t want to quite say mother energy but there is that sort of motherly aspect about her when it comes to everybody else. But I think as far as Mike, the character Mike, it’s a deep appreciation for one another. They have a real sort of close friendship.


I look at him as a dreamer. He just dives into these comic characters. You know I think, if I was to describe Junior, he’s a lot like me. I think that he’s very sensitive and very funny and gets riled up really fast. And quick tempered but at the same time knows his boundaries. Loves people. I guess I’m talking about myself but yeah, yeah.

“Party Goer”…

“Acting is another way of allowing yourself to be emboldened to do things you wouldn’t necessarily do in your normal life. Some of those things lead to consequences that are not necessarily optimal. But as an actor, we can get away with it. The superhero at a costume party, not so much.”

“Party Goer”…

“I would say that Captain Black, for Mike’s character, is an escape. I do feel there are people who feel more powerful, they feel stronger, bolder when they do have
a costume.”

“Jerk at table”…

“Hi, I’m Mackenzie Astin”

Every Fantasy Has Its Price

“Almost a Faustian kind of a deal. Sure. Be careful what you wish to be. Be careful who you wish to be.”

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